ehehe.. i don't think there's any such thing. — Mel
Well that must mean Kati was lying. Cause he was referring to Kati's facebook status when he said this I think. :) — tommo39
Maybe we should have one then. Though I still like the idea of a Christian singles' walk. Or tramp or whatever. — qwandor
Haha Andrew, how does a "we" that includes you, have a single girls cocktail night? hehe. — tommo39
I mean host one, of course. — qwandor
Haha at your flat? — tommo39
That would be awesome.

I would just happen to be there. Not for the girls thing. just to hang out at your flat. yeah? — shoeshine
Haha I've been at my flat during a girls night before. Actually I only got home at around midnight, I was out on the town, as they say. But that was coincidence, and they were still going when I got back. But I left them to it. — tommo39
At this rate it sounds like there will be more boys than girls at our single girls' cocktail night. — qwandor
Well that's easily fixed. Let's have a single boys cocktail night! Shoeshine can wear the cocktail dress. — tommo39
Yeah, somehow that does not have quite the same attraction. — qwandor
Well, we can't go to a single girls cocktail night, because we're all so eligible, it'd very quickly turn into a "taken girls cocktail night" ;P — tommo39
not if it was just boys hoping to fool girls with the name, and not realising they see through it. — shoeshine
Who's trying to fool anyone? Always be blatant hehe. — tommo39

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