Hahahaha.. oh Chris. — Mel
I stand by this comment. — Nimmo
So is there any in particular that you stand by this comment in relation to? — tommo39
Of course not. They're all astonishingly gorgeous. — Nimmo
Chris doesn't mind who he gets... — tommo39
Yeah. I'm not really picky. — Nimmo
I want to know the context! — Mel
they were getting people to line up for free sausages faster than I could cook them — Nimmo
you were trying to cook the poor girls??? — Mel
no, they're hot enough already — Nimmo
We really need to get you hitched to one of them I think, to end all this speculation. — tommo39
Hmmmm.... I wouldn't want anybody to feel left out. — Nimmo
Good to know CU is just as dodgy as when i left it.... — narborg

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