Josh, you are simply peculiar. — vanTalerie
Just ignore this, it's a test comment to show Andrew something I came across this morning. I need to make it quite a long comment so the difference is pronounced. Let's see if this does the trick. — tommo39
Oh and here's another one, just to make the issue more pronounced. Moses supposes his toeses are roses. But Moses supposes erroneously. For Moses, He knowses his toeses aren't roses. As Moses supposes his toeses to be :)

Let's see what happens now. — tommo39
And now to copy a whopping great hunk of text to see if that makes a further difference: Also at the weekend, I signed up for twitter on my cellphone. This is exciting, because it means, not only can I tweet to the full potential of the site now (no longer being limited to when I’m at a computer), I can also essentially txt people for free when I am at a computer. That’s right, you heard me, free txtng! If I am at my computer and I tweet, whether in general, @username, or by direct message, if people are subscribed to receive device updates from me, they will get my tweet on their phone, and I didn’t spend a cent sending it! Even if I am tweeting on my phone, it will be sent to everyone who is subscribed to my device updates, as opposed to a txt which just goes to one person, but costs the same amount. Cool, huh?

Also, I’ve got twitter updating my Facebook, so I can also update my facebook simultaneously from my mobile :)

And as a random aside, I was in Palmy at the weekend, had to catch a bus to Wellington and didn’t have my reference number that I need to get on the bus, so I checked gmail on my WAP browser to find it. Good thing I starred the message or I would’ve been sifting through messages for ages! WAP isn’t ideal due to cost, but I find it cool that I can do it when I need to! — tommo39
Sticking in min-width: 280px; (or so) for the td's seems to make it look nicer.

Maybe a vertical-align:top; would help showing the difference between comments as well. — simon_w

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